Blazik Consulting works exclusively in accessibility compliance with a primary focus on accessibility design and construction litigation matters and cases. 

Our advice is based on both our detailed knowledge of the various technical requirements and standards combined with our experience with enforcement in past settlement cases.  It is our business to remain current with the enforcement positions taken by the U.S. Department of Justice and other federal and state regulatory agencies.

Importantly, Ms. Blazik takes a neutral position in interpreting the laws not an advocacy position.

We provide the following services:

  • Expert litigation consulting services, in support of legal cases and matters.
  • General Consulting services for  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II & III “public accommodation” and the Fair Housing Act (FHA) with the support of national and state accessibility compliance.

Expert Witness and Consulting Support for Legal Matters

Mariesha Blazik specializes in consulting services for litigation.  Blazik Consulting primarily focuses on providing consulting expertise for plaintiff and defendant counsel in FHA housing discrimination and civil rights violations ADA Title II and III design and construction cases and matters.  Our services include:

  • Analysis and recommendations for litigation and pre-litigation.
  • Survey and expert inspection reports.
  • Expert representation during settlement and negotiation sessions.
  • Determination and negotiation of remediation (retrofit) work for consent degrees, judgments, and settlements.
  • Acting “neutral” consulting services between parties.
  • Deposition and testimony.

Mariesha Blazik’s expertise includes a detailed knowledge of the enforcement of these types of construction cases. These cases involve fairly complex laws and technical standards that are subject to interpretation by experts and building departments.  In addition, her expertise in the national and state accessibility technical standards and codes along with federal civil rights legislation standards and enforcement positions provides a comprehensive and effective approach that assists clients in efficiently resolving compliance matters.

General Accessibility Consulting Services

In addition to consulting for legal matters, Blazik Consulting provides accessibility consulting services to the commercial and multifamily housing industries, including owners, developers, real estate, management and construction companies. We perform work throughout the United States.  Services including Accessibility Facility compliance inspections inspections, plan and construction reviews, and due diligence inspections.  We assess for compliance with the mandatory federal laws of the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.

Blazik Consulting works frequently on the following project types;

  • Multi-family Housing – Apartments, Condominiums, Student Housing, Live-Work
  • Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts, Casinos, Timeshare Properties
  • Commercial – Retail, Office, Banking, Judicial, Restaurants
  • Recreational – Golf Courses, Parks and Recreation, Spas

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